Government Sites

EPA Site Overview of Fort Ord
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Includes sections: Site Description and History; Threats and Contaminants; Cleanup Approach.

Fort Ord Public Lands
Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Dept. of the Interior
Descriptions and photos of Fort Ord Public Lands managed by the Bureau.

Military Base Revitalization
The State of California
Provides information about the Office of Military Base Retention and Reuse, the Local Agency Military Base Recovery Act, and the California Economic Diversification and Revitalization project.

Non-Government Sites

Former Fort Ord Environmental Cleanup
Presents information related to the history, closure, environmental cleanup, and property transfer of Fort Ord. Includes the searchable Fort Ord Administrative Record, which contains key technical reports and administrative guidance for the cleanup.

Fort Ord Environmental Justice Network, Inc.
FOEJN was formed in 1995, as an outgrowth of community concerns over the cleanup and reuse efforts of the former Fort Ord Army Base.

Fort Ord Reuse Authority
FORA is responsible for the redevelopment of the former Fort Ord. FORA consists of appointed representatives of Monterey County and local cities and ex-officio representatives of local educational organizations and governmental units. Includes an outline of reuse history and FORA Board agendas.

Fort Ord Toxics Project
The Fort Ord Toxics Project is a public service project of Sustainable Economic & Environmental Knowledge/Clary-Meuser & Associates and is maintained by Michael R. Meuser.

Keep Fort Ord Wild
Keep Fort Ord Wild is a community coalition dedicated to the preservation of trails, recreation, wildlife and habitat on Fort Ord.

Marina Coast Water District
The Marina Coast Water District provides water, wastewater, and recycled water services to the City of Marina and the former Fort Ord.

Military Toxics Project
The Military Toxics Project is a non-profit organization which provides information, educational resources, and community and political organizing resources concerning pollution caused by military activities.