For purposes of this policy, "the general public" refers to all persons who are NOT members of any of the following affiliated groups at CSUMB or other CSU campuses; currently enrolled students; current faculty and staff; retired faculty and staff; members of CSU alumni associations; or current students, faculty, and staff at affiliated institutions which have cooperative borrowing agreements with the CSUMB Library.

The Library offers the following free services to the general public

  • May consult from Library books, periodicals, microforms, and reference materials
  • Priority access to public computers will be given to CSUMB students, faculty, and staff.

The following fee based services are available to the general public who are at least 18 years old, are residents of Monterey, Santa Cruz or San Benito counties, and purchase a library card for $50 for six months or $100 for one year.

  • May borrow up to 10 (ten) books at one time for three (3) week loan period
  • May request searches on books owned by CSUMB Library not found on the shelves.

The Library does NOT provide the following services to the general public

  • Book recalls and holds
  • Access to materials on Course Reserve (refer to the Course Reserve Policy)
  • Interlibrary Loan or Document Delivery (refer to the Document Delivery/Interlibrary Loan Policy)
  • Access to Library Media Collection (e.g. videos)
  • Electronic Reference Service
  • Direct remote access to CSUMB network or Library resources*

*CSUMB does not provide or sell accounts for dial-up access to CSUMB network or Library resources to the general public.

Rules and Privileges for General Public borrowers The card sold to the public will serve as the library borrowing card. By presenting the library card and a photo ID when using Library services, the borrower agrees to comply with all CSUMB Library and campus regulations. This card is non-transferable. Abuse of library privileges may result in loss of borrowing privileges. Repeated non-compliance with CSU, CSUMB, or Library regulations may result in cancellation of library privileges. Any person who steals or mutilates library material is subject to prosecution under the provisions of Federal, State, and Municipal Laws, and the California Education Code.

Return of Material Items borrowed are due back to the Library by closing time on due date. Items are to be returned to the Library Circulation Desk or book return bins. The Library is not responsible for items improperly returned. All items returned after the given due date or recall date are subject to the fees established by CSUMB Library.

This policy is subject to change