What to place on electronic course reserves
What not to place on electronic course reserves
How to submit electronic course reserve requests
Electronic reserves and copyright compliance

CSUMB Library Course Reserve Collection consists of required materials placed on reserve by instructors each semester their class is being taught. Required course materials have priority processing.  Articles will be placed on ERes [electronic reserve readings]. All other items will be placed on Regular Course Reserve

What to place on electronic course reserves

  • Articles from newspapers, periodicals, and other non-book sources
  • Unpublished work by the course instructor
  • For distance students who live outside of the following areas on the Monterey Peninsula: Castroville, Carmel by-the-Sea, Del Rey Oaks, Marina, Monterey, Pacific Grove, Pebble Beach, Sand City and Seaside, the Library will pay copyright royalties and fees to make short sections of books available online. Please contact Library Course Reserve staff for further information.

All electronic course reserve requests are accepted pending cost for copyright permissions.

What not to place on electronic course reserves

  • Sections of books owned by CSUMB Library (The books will be placed on regular reserve instead)
  • Sections of books not owned by CSUMB Library (A request will be submitted for the Library to purchase the book for regular course reserve, or the instructor may place a personal copy on regular course reserve)
  • Any materials for which the Library is or has been unable to obtain copyright clearance/permission (You will be notified if there is any problem.)

How to submit electronic course reserve requests

  1. Submit a ERes Request Form for each course.
  2. For Articles located in our databases, send us the following information: Author, Title of Article, Journal Name, Publication Date, Volume, Issue Number and Page Numbers.
  3. Send an email with the completed form as an attachment to: library_course_reserve@csumb.edu or by mail CSUMB Library Reserves, 100 Campus Center Bldg 12, Seaside, CA 93955.

The library will determine if a permanent link to the article can be created. If the library cannot establish a permanent link or if the article is not available electronically, then the instructor needs to submit:

  1. Author title of article, journal name, date, volume and number of issue, and page numbers.
  2. A photocopy of the article on clean 8 1/2 " x 11" paper, single-sided, or a PDF file in place of a paper version.
  3. A course syllabus is not required however, a copy of the required readings list is requested.

Please remember that the scanner will copy just as you have submitted the material-What you see is what you get. If submitted materials are not in scanning condition, we will contact the instructor for a corrected copy. This will delay the uploading of materials for ERes.

Electronic reserves and copyright compliance

For articles not in our databases or available free on the Web, the Library will attempt to secure copyright permission for continued use of journal and newspaper articles each semester. Receipt of permission for one semester does not mean that the rightsholder will grant permission for repeated use in future semesters. The Library must gain permission from the copyright holder for each semester the article is used; occasionally, rightsholders may withhold permission even though permission had been granted in the past. In those cases, the material may not be used again.

If copyright permission is denied, the Library will notify the instructor, and the material will be immediately removed from our electronic reserve environment.


Course & Electronic Reserve Services questions may be directed to the Course Reserve staff at 831-582-3733 / 831-582-3897, library_course_reserve@csumb.edu