The library has a collection of over 1,900 videotapes and DVDs on a variety of topics, including selected feature films.

A complete alphabetical list of all videos in the library is available. Many of them are available with closed captioning.

To search the CSUMB Library Catalog for specific videos by keyword or topic:

Enter one or more unique keywords:

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In addition to circulating videotapes and DVDs, the library also provides access to the Ethnographic Video database, which includes over 800 streaming documentaries and field recordings that focus on human culture and behavior.

In addition, we provide access to NBC Learn Higher Ed, a collection of more than 15,000 videos, primary source videos, newsreels, documents, and images created by NBC that can be used for research, projects, and in classroom and online teaching.

For further information on the library's video collection and services, consult the list of Frequently Asked Questions About Videos and DVDs in the Library.