Women's History Month: Women and the Environment

March is Women's History Month, and CSUMB is hosting a number of events this month that will be of interest to those wishing to engage with women's history and issues of diversity and social justice. The environment is a theme that runs through a number of these events, and the highlighted resources below focus on women and the environment.

Campus Events

Winona LaDuke, former vice-presidential candidate for the Green Party and advocate for environmental sustainability and indigenous rights, will speak on campus March 6.

Social justice and environmental sustainability is the theme for this year's Focus the Region, an all-day event featuring speakers and panels on March 7.

Dolores Huerta, agricultural community organizer and co-founder of the United Farmworkers, will visit CSUMB on March 14.


Selected Library Books on Women and the Environment

Notable Women Environmentalists and Activists

Insert a description of the image here.Breton, Mary Joy. 1998. Women Pioneers for the Environment. Boston: Northeastern University Press.

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Ecofeminism and Environmental JusticeInsert a description of the image here.

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Insert a description of the image here.Fiction on Women and the Environment

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